The Curse Of The Randomized Monkeys
Be warned, web traveler, for this website is cursed! is infested by monsters; four demonic monkeys looking to unleash unspeakable tortures upon any unfortunate soul they see. They haunt these pages at their own beck and call. Often, I'm told, these demon-simians will choose a victim to follow through the site. Keep a weathered eye on your monitor, for if you see the same monkey three times in a row your time on this earth is short.
Should you notice a monkey following you, don't panic. There is still a way for you to escape your fate. First of all, do not close your browser or leave the site. They hate that. Quietly look through the galleries, making sure to check over your shoulder frequently. Once you've seen all of Joe's art, tell your friends and co-workers to visit themselves. If enough people visit the site, the monkeys may get distracted and move onto someone else, forgetting all about their plans to torment you to your dying breath.
Just so everyone knows what to watch for, all four monkeys are pictured here:

Shotgun-Toting Monkey

Zombie Monkey
Space Monkey

Samurai Monkey

These creatures are frequently seen lurking around the following pages
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